I wish I had a Warp Films mug…

Having professed my love of home-grown British film at any relevant – or irrelevant – given moment, labelled myself as a ‘Shane Meadows fan-girl’ and babbled on outrageously about This is England in my uni dissertation, I feel predisposed to celebrating the 10-year existence of Warp Films.

Since producing their first feature, Meadows’ Dead Man’s Shoes, in a back garden shed, Warp Films has mushroomed. It has now plumped up the face of British cinema and produced some of my favourite British films: This Is England (incase you haven’t got that), that documentary that I’m not convinced isn’t a mockumentary A Complete History of my Sexual Failures, and the ballsy Four Lions.

When I got dumped back in 2010 [insert sympathetic aaw  here], the first time my miserable, snotty mess of a self came out from under my duvet was when two friends pulled me out to see Four Lions at the cinema. A Complete History of my Sexual Failures may have been more apt for that particular moment, but in fact Four Lions was awesome, and a hugely better alternative to the mound of peanut butter toast and the Rod Stewart album I was planning to console myself with.

With my own emotional affinity to Warp Films’ oeuvre revealed to the world, I only hope their eclectic cinematic excellence continues.. and wish I had a Warp Films 10 Year anniversary mug to fill with a lot of gin right now.

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