Fuzzed out rude bits and metamorphoses, well Holy Motors!

Embarking on a long-haul plane journey to Taiwan means only one thing: in-flight films! Lagging behind the rest of the arty crowd, I was gagging to see this year’s Palme d’Or competitor Holy Motors.

Smudging reality and fantasy, Carax’s famed poetic-style shines through in this metamorphosis based symphony. The film centres on Oscar (Denis Lavant) who, in the back of a white limousine, is constantly changing his appearance with new skin, facial prosthetics and bizarre clothes. Oscar transforms into numerous characters, acting different parts in various people’s lives.

Carax assembles an elliptical, yet well-oiled visual feast which interrogates the skewed perception of the role of identity in society with constant constructions, deconstructions and reconstructions. You know what else happened? All the rude body bits (tee-hee) got fuzzed out because of potential prying eyes in the aeroplane environment.. humm, I’m sure that has something to add to the debate in itself.

You can read as much or as little as you want into the ingenious labyrinth of identity politics, resting assured that your eyes won’t stray away.

Holy Motors – Léos Carax (2012, France/Germany)


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